Stats including Max Elevation, Elevation Gain, and Distance are reported as measured by my personal GPS and may be inaccurate. Technical Difficulty is reported according to the specific route I took and based on my assessment of how difficult the route was. Your abilities and any route variations may drastically affect the technical difficulty of a climb.

For hikes and climbs, I use YDS. For ski descents, I use the D System.

Trip NamePeak VisitedTypeTrailheadMax Elevation (feet)Elevation Gain (feet)Distance (miles)Technical Difficulty
Mt McLoughlinMt McLoughlinSkiMt McLoughlin9,5004,1009.5Class 1
Four Gables PeakSkiGable Lakes12,2005,30014.1Class 4
Pt PowellPt PowellSkiLake Sabrina13,4004,70018.2Class 4
Matterhorn PeakMatterhorn PeakSkiHorse Creek12,3005,40011.6Class 3
Birch MountainSkiMcMurry Meadows Road10,0004,1008.1Class 2, D2
Virginia Pass CragPeak 3575, Virginia Pass CragHikeDuck Pass11,5005,60019.8Class 3
Bergona Lake PeakBergona Lake PeakHikeGreen Creek11,7004,30012.6Class 3
Basin MountainBasin MountainHikeHorton Lakes13,2006,0009.7Class 4+
Bear Creek SpireBear Creek SpireHikeMosquito Flat13,7004,20013.0Class 4
Carson PeakCarson PeakHikeRush Creek10,9003,1009.6Class 2
Stanislaus and Sonora PeaksStanislaus Peak, Sonora PeakHikeSonora Pass11,5004,50014.1Class 3
Disaster Peak and The IcebergDisaster Peak, The IcebergHikeClark Fork10,1003,8007.4Class 3
Leavitt PeakLeavitt PeakSkiSonora Pass11,6002,9008.0Class 2, D6
Mt Ritter and Banner PeakBanner PeakHikeAgnew Meadows12,9005,40019.5Class 2
Lee Vining PeakLee Vining PeakHikeWarren Creek11,7002,8005.3Class 2
Reversed PeakReversed PeakHikeReversed Peak9,5001,9006.6Class 2
Mt WoodMt WoodSkiForest Service Road 01S10112,7004,9009.5D6
The ThumbThe ThumbSkiBirch Lake13,4007,50016.6D2
Mono Jim PeakMono Jim PeakSkiConvict Lake10,9003,3003.5D6
TJ BowlSkiLake Mary Road10,5002,1008.1D2
Ebbetts PassSkiEbbetts Pass9,7001,3003.0D1
Silver PeakSkiNoble Canyon7,4003002.5Class 1
Dicks PeakDicks PeakSkiLily Lake10,0004,10010.3Class 1, D2
Mts Mallory and IrvineMt Mallory, Mt IrvineSkiMeysan Lakes13,8007,10013.1Class 3, D5
CloudripperCloudripperSkiRainbow Pack Station13,5004,80010.1Class 2, D2
Round Top and Black ButteRound Top, Black ButteSkiCarson Pass SnoPark10,4002,8008.9Class3, D2
Desolation TraversePyramid Peak, Jacks PeakSkiRocky Canyon, Fallen Leaf Fire Station10,0006,30014.7Class1, D2
Matterhorn PeakSkiHorse Creek12,2005,50011.3Class 3, D7
Mt MorganMt Morgan SouthSkiRock Creek SnoPark13,7005,20016.0Class 2, D5
Bloody MountainBloody MountainSkiSherwin Creek Road (South)12,5005,50012.5Class 1, D8
Mt TomMt TomSkiVanadium Ranch Road13,7008,50013.6Class 2, D2
Alta PeakAlta PeakSkiLodgepole Visitor Center11,2006,10013.0D2
Mt SillimanMt SillimanSkiCA 198 at the Marble Fork Kaweah11,2004,80011.2D2
Homer’s NoseHomer's NoseHike, SkiSouth Fork Ladybug Trail9,0006,50015.5Class 2, D2
San Joaquin River TrailPincushion PeakHikeSouth Finegold Picnic Area1,6001,6005.7Class 1
Mt WarrenMt WarrenSkiLundy Lake12,3004,7009.6Class 3, D2
Mt RoseTamarack Peak, Mt RoseSkiTamarack Lake NV-431 Pullout10,8004,1007.5D6
Maggies North PeakMaggies North PeakSkiEagle Falls8,5001,9002.7D8
Freel PeakFreel PeakSkiHigh Meadows10,9005,10012.2D3
Mt Rose and Tamarack PeakTamarack PeakSkiMt Rose Summit10,6003,7008.1Class 2, D3
Mt TallacMt TallacSkiSpring Creek Road9,7005,0009.1D9
Bodie Mountain and Potato PeakBodie Mountain, Potato PeakHikeBodie10,2002,40011.7Class 1
Dunderberg PeakDunderberg PeakHIkeVirginia Lakes12,4002,5004.1Class 3
Mts Morgan and StanfordMt Morgan North, Mt Stanford NorthHikeHilton Lakes13,0005,90019.2Class 3
Highland and Silver PeaksHighland Peak, Silver PeakHikeWolf Creek10,9006,50020.4Class 3
Deadwood PeakDeadwood Peak, Peak 9626, The Otter, Peak 9205HikeUpper Blue Lake9,8005,00016.7Class 3
Tower PeakTower PeakHikeLeavitt Meadows11,7006,90035.7Class 4
Jakes PeakHikeMeeks Bay9,1003,20018.1Class 4+
Highland and Silver PeaksHikeNoble Canyon10,8003,7007.5Class 3
Volcanic Lakes LoopKennedy Mountain, Munger PeakHikeLewis Creek12,00010,60031.9Class 3
Bearpaw Meadow High Sierra CampHikeCrescent Meadow7,8006,80024.3Class 1
Mt BrewerMt BrewerHikeRoads End13,5009,50028.4Class 3
Unicorn PeakUnicorn PeakHikeElizabeth Lake10,8002,2007.0Class 4
Echo Ridge TraverseFlagpole Peak, Echo Peak, Indian Rock, Angora PeakHikeEcho Lake8,9002,7009.4Class 3
Lake AlohaHikeGlen Alpine8,4002,60012.1Class 1
Sky Blue Lake PeakSky Blue Lake PeakHikeCottonwood Pass13,1006,20027.8Class 3
Candlelight PeakCandlelight PeakHikeMt Whitney12,2005,20011.6Class 3 (Runout)
East SpurEast SpurHikeUniversity Pass12,7008,50021.0Class 3
Kearsarge Pinnacle #8Kearsarge Pinnacle #6, Kearsarge Pinnacle #7, Kearsarge Pinnacle #8, Kearsarge Pinnacle #9Hike, ClimbKearsarge Pass11,9005,80015.4Class 4, Class 5.4
Staghorn PeakStaghorn PeakHikeTaboose Pass12,70010,00017.0Class 2
Mt George DavisMt George DavisHikeLamarck Lakes12,6003,60010.0Class 3
Knapsack Pass PeakKnapsack Pass PeakHikeBishop Pass11,0005,80020.3Class 4
McGee Pass PeakMcGee Pass PeakHikeMcGee Creek12,4005,60020.3Class 4
San Joaquin MountainSan Joaquin MountainHikeMinaret Summit11,6003,60011.8Class 1
Suicide RidgeSuicide RidgeHikeBarney Lake11,0005,80026.4Class 3

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