About the Author

AJ Kaufmann is an avid skier and hiker based in South Lake Tahoe, California, currently employed by CalTopo.

Mt Williamson
A very happy summit day atop Mt Williamson!

I aspire for this site to be a resource for people seeking out their own adventures and a source of inspiration for those who stumble across it. At the least, it provides an opportunity to practice writing and photography and keeps my parents up to date as to the goings on (although I know my they sometimes dislike the details)!

After a few years of hiking in the Sierra, the site name Totally Unqualified feels disingenuous; I know that I have a lot to learn and do, but at this point I have more climbing under my belt than most. However, the name Totally Unqualified still appeals to me as I have a sort of neanderthal attraction towards

  1. avoiding overspecializing in any one thing, and
  2. trying new things without fear of failure.

In a lot of ways it becomes easier to try something new when you can admit that you’re really not so amazing at the things you already do.