About the Author

AJ Kaufmann is an avid skier and hiker based in South Lake Tahoe, California.

Mt Williamson
A very happy summit day atop Mt Williamson!

I bought this domain (and several others) after a late night discussion with some friends who had decided to speculate (in part thanks to Elon Musk’s big talk) on a preemptive digital land-grab in the .mars Top Level Domain. I don’t have any extraterrestrial ambitions yet so totallyunqualified.mars is waiting for you if you so desire it.

The name Totally Unqualified appeals to me in the self deprecating sense. Of course I am qualified in lots of ways but I have a sort of neanderthal attraction towards

  1. avoiding overspecializing in any one thing, and
  2. trying new things without fear of failure.

In a lot of ways it becomes easier to try something new when you can admit that you’re really not so amazing at the things you already do.