Sky Blue Lake Peak

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Alas, after several weeks of searching, I’ve been unable to find my SD card from this trip…

I distinctly recall grabbing it from my camera when I got home and I’m sure that in a misguided effort to streamline the unpacking process I stashed in some secret place which I’ll find years from now. I’ve consoled myself by saying that it was overcast most of the day, so the photos probably didn’t come out great anyway, but there are some really beautiful Foxtail Pines I captured that I regret losing.

Regardless, I wanted to make a quick post including the important beta from this trip in case anyone finds it useful. Perhaps if I find the photos, I’ll update this with a more detailed trip report in the future.


Yeah I know this format is boring, but hopefully it’s useful!

From the PCT climb slabs up to Primrose lake. Continue up into the bowl south of the summit. From here, climb one of three chutes to the left (class 3, snow conditions depending), or climb the face (probably class 3/4, I did not take this route, but many others did).

GPS Data

Elevation Gain: 6,200 ft

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      1. False alarm unfortunately, although I did recover photos from a different hike…

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