Candlelight Peak

Iris shouted up "Ooh! AJ's going for bonus points!" Apparently there was a much easier route down, but I was enjoying the climb and it seemed like the more complicated climbing was successfully distracting my mind from the pain in my legs.

Staghorn Peak

At sunrise, I stopped briefly to take a few photos and check the elevation. We had climbed 1,500 feet, and I tried not to think too hard on the fact that this meant we were only about one quarter of the way up the pass.

Knapsack Pass Peak

As I started down Bishop Pass I could hardly believe what I was seeing — the lakes which we had so hurriedly passed in the morning glum were now illuminated by the sun in various shades of blue and green!

Suicide Ridge

This is far and away both the largest and the most experienced group of people I've ever hiked with. I don't imagine I will have to worry about the group slowing me down much during this trip!